Self-Assessment & CIS

Self-Assessment and CIS

Updated: 27/03/2020

As you are likely to have had CIS deducted on your trading income in the tax year 2019/20, it is possible that you have overpaid tax for the year ended 5 April 2020.

Shortly after 6 April 2020, you will receive a notice from HMRC to complete a 2020 Self-Assessment Tax Return.

You should gather in all information necessary to complete the Return, which will include details of self-employed income and allowable business expenses.

Self-Employed Income

In order to assist you with the process of completing the Return, Guild Resources will provide you with a consolidated statement of your income and CIS deducted for the tax year.  This can be downloaded from the Portal using your usual login details.  If you are unable to register on our portal, please call us on 020 8181 9120 and we should be able to send you a consolidated statement within a few days.

Allowable Business Expenses

These will include the following:

  • Vehicle-related & travel
  • Office, property and equipment
  • Loose tools / hand tools
  • Materials
  • Work clothing
  • Insurance costs
  • Marketing
  • Training expenses
  • Accountancy fees

HMRC provides some additional guidance here:

Don’t forget to include, in box 38 of page SES 2 of your Return, the CIS deducted by contractors such as Guild Resources.

If submitted online, HMRC will process the Return automatically and, subject to security checks, you are likely to receive any refund due within 28 days.

If your accountant has any queries about your work via Guild Resources, they may write to us at